Recent publications

Some of my articles published in international journals over the last years.

Please be aware that these papers are protected by copyright license.

  1. NMR-based metabolomics to evaluate the milk composition from Friesian and autochthonous cows of Northern Italy at different lactation times - Nat. Prod. Res. 2018
  2. Gut microbiota profiling of pediatric NAFLD and obese patients unveiled by an integrated meta-omics based approach - Hepatology 2017
  3. Monitoring of pistachio (Pistacia Vera) ripening by high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy - Nat. Prod. Res. 2016
  4. Assessment of Fecal Microbiota and Fecal Metabolome in Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease of the Colon - J. Clin. Gastroenterol. 2016
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  6. Gut microbiota profiling of pediatric NAFLD and obese patients unveiled by an integrated meta-omics based approach - Hepatology 2016
  7. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Metabolic Comparative Analysis of Two Apple Varieties with Different Resistances to Apple Scab Attacks - J. Agric. Food Chem. 2015
  8. Phylogenetic and metabolic tracking of gut microbiota during perinatal development - PLOS One 2015
  9. Urinary 1H-NMR-based metabolic profiling of children with NAFLD undergoing VSL#3 treatment - Int. J. Obesity 2015
  10. A non-targeted metabolomics approach to evaluate the effects of biomass growth and chitosan elicitation on primary and secondary metabolism of Hypericum perforatum in vitro roots - Metabolomics 2014
  11. Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of water soluble metabolites allows the geographic discrimination of pistachios (Pistacia vera) - Food Res. Intl. 2014
  12. Fecal and urinary NMR-based metabolomics unveil an aging signature in mice - Exp. Gerontol. 2014
  13. Exploring human breast milk composition by NMR-based metabolomics - Nat. Prod. Res. 2014
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  16. Impact of organic and conventional carrots on intestinal and peripheral immunity - J. Sci. Food and Agric. 2012
  17. Skeletal muscle apoptotic signaling predicts thigh muscle volume and gait speed in community-dwelling older persons: an exploratory study - Plos One 2012
  18. Monitoring of metabolic profiling and water status of Hayward kiwifruits by nuclear magnetic resonance - Talanta 2010
  19. Gut microbiome-derived metabolites characterize a peculiar obese urinary metabotype - Int. J. Obesity 2010