Curriculum - short

What I am doing:

  • Scientific research through metabolomic analysis: I analyze and write research projects in liaison with my team. I have direct oversight of the experimental set-up and data analysis. I plan and organize experiments, analyze data using multivariate statistical techniques, process findings and discuss them with the workgroup, with whom I define the structure of the scientific publications or reports and write the sections pertaining to me, either in Italian or in English thereby reviewing their style and managing the artwork.
  • I manage NMR spectrometers, including their maintenance and set-up advanced experiments. I am the technical manager of the NMLab structure of Sapienza University.
  • I write and manage websites in Drupal, wiki and HTML. Full production and managing of the European Project "Res Urbis" website, Webmaster of the CIABC Research Center website, editor of the Department of Chemistry website.
  • I manage the Didactic laboratory of Organic Analysis of the Department of Chemistry.
  • I manage the logistic and supply services of bottled gases and liquid nitrogen of the Department of Chemistry.
  • I am the "Responsabile Unico della Procedura" (RUP - sole responsible for the procedure) for three different procuring entities of the Sapienza University (Departments of Chemistry and of Physics, CIABC). Among the others, I am the RUP of the procedures for the acquisition of the following Large Equipments:
    • a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryo-probe at the Department of Chemistry, for the amount of € 540,984
    • a Spectromicroscopy for the Amaldi Lab at the Department of Physics, for the amount of € 980,000
    • a Mass Spectrometer at the Department of Chemistry, for the amount of € 450,000

What I can do:

I have extensive experience in the field of research where I act as interface between devising the experimentation design and the technical realization. I cover the role of application scientist providing technical support to research and technical service activities thanks to my background as chemist and my experience as IT professional, along with my passion for hardware, software and scientific equipment.

What I have done:

  • January 2001 – present: Technical staff at the Department of Chemistry of the Sapienza University, Rome where I am responsible for the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility. Technical manager of the NMR-based Metabolomics laboratory of Sapienza University. I am a member of the “NMR-based Metabolomics of Biological Systems” research group directed by Proff. Alfredo Miccheli and Maria Enrica Di Cocco. I have an active role in several funded research programs (PRIN, CNR etc.). Moreover, I am author of more than 35 articles on international scientific journals and 59 congress presentations. I have organized an international workshop, one international conference and two international schools programs thereby managing all the scientific and logistic aspects. I have taught in seminars, master classes and in international schools.
  • December 1991 – January 2001: Researcher at Sigma Tau S.p.A. in a joint framework program with the Sapienza University. I was responsible for research with the SMIS IVS in vivo and imaging NMR spectrometer. I wrote 19 articles on international scientific journals and 34 congress presentations. I wrote two IDL programs under Digital VMS, one for spectra elaboration and the other to get diffusion maps from MRI images.
  • March 1988 – December 1991: Researcher at Enidata S.p.A. Here I acquired knowledge in programming languages (Pascal, C), OS (Unix, DOS, Windows) and network systems (Ethernet – TCP/IP). I wrote the communication code of an Informix distributed database in C, the prototype of the current network databases, such as MySQL.
  • May 1987 – March 1988: Researcher at Centro Sviluppo Materiali (Italsider group).