Full professional curriculum


  •  Born in Rome on 12/20/1959;
  •  Winner, in 1984, of a scholarship from the Limmat Stiftung for research activities to be carried out at the “Istituto Neurotraumatologico Italiano” (Italian Neurotraumatological Institute). In this period he developed model systems for the standardization of the conditions of use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments in medicine and biology (Philips Gyroscan S5 and Bruker Medspec 4.7 T);
  •     Military service: complementary officer in the army engineers (October 1985 - January 1987), on leave with the rank of captain;
  •     Graduated in Chemistry at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome on May 26, 1987 with an experimental thesis entitled "Study by nuclear magnetic resonance of proprietary C-13 in solution of amikacin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic", 110/110 cum laude;
  •     in the same year he obtained the qualification to practice as a chemist.
  •     1987-1989: researcher at the “Centro Sviluppo Materiali” (Materials Development Center) and at Enidata. In this latter job he acquired knowledge of programming languages ​​(Pascal, C), operating systems (Unix and DOS) and network systems (Ethernet-TCP / IP).
  •     During his period of activity at the Materials Development Center he worked on desulphurization processes of cast iron using chemical methods and the development of expert systems for blast furnace management processes.
  •     From 1 December 1989 to the end of 2000: researcher at Sigma-Tau S.p.A, under a framework agreement with the University of Rome "La Sapienza"; this activity was carried out at the Chemistry Department of the University. Head of the experimentation with the SMIS IVS NMR spectrometer operating at 4.7 T of the Interuniversity Center for Large Biomedical Equipment in Neuroscience (CIGABIN).
  •     Since January 2001 he has been a technical staff firstly at the Chemical Laboratory for Safety of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", as an expert on the interactions between electromagnetic fields and biological systems, then at the Department of Chemistry of the same University as manager of the NMR facility.

Organizative positions and responsabilities

  •     Organization Secretary of the International School "Advanced School of NMR in Biology and Medicine" (Altavilla Milicia (PA), 21-30 September 1994)
  •     Scientific secretary of:
  1.     International School "First Introductory School on Metabolomic Analysis" (University "La Sapienza" - pole of Latina, Latina, March 25, 2006);
  2.     International Congress “The First Maga Circe Conference on Metabolic Systems Analysis” (Hotel Oasi di Kufra, Sabaudia (LT), March 26-29, 2006);
  3.     International School "Second School on Metabolomic Analysis" (University "La Sapienza", Rome, 4-5 June 2007);
  •     Member of the Metabolomics Standard Initiative, Data Analysis workgroup
  •     From the A.Y. 2002 / '03 to the A.Y. 2007 / '08: subject expert for the courses of Physical Chemistry for the degrees in Biological Sciences and in Biotechnology.
  •     From 2018: Sole Head of Procedure (RUP) of three contracting stations of the University "Sapienza (Departments of Chemistry and Physics, CIABC research center), and in particular of the procedures for the purchase of large equipment (600 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe, Spectromicroscope , Mass spectrometer)
  •     He currently holds the position of technical manager of:
  •         NMR-based Metabolomics Laboratory of the University - NMLab (six related Departments);
  •         NMR service of the Chemistry Department of the "Sapienza" University of Rome;
  •         Didactic Laboratory of Organic Analysis of the Chemistry Department of the "Sapienza" University of Rome;
  •     From 2021: member of the Editorial Board of Foods, Foodomics section


Main research areas


  •     Determination of chemical-physical parameters (diffusion, relaxation times) in materials of biomedical relevance and on prototypes of cellular bioreactors, for obtaining information on the chemical-physical characteristics of the matrices during their functions of support to living systems by means of non invasive techniques;
  •     biochemical aspects and effects of chemical and physical agents in brain aging on animal models by NMR imaging (MRI) in vivo or by NMR spectroscopy on extracts;
  •     spectroscopic analysis of biologically active compounds;
  •     studies of biological systems in vitro and in vivo; this includes studies on cell metabolism using in vivo NMR spectroscopy, studies of pathological models and their treatment as well as studies conducted on humans in different pathological states, using both spectroscopic and imaging techniques, for a better understanding of the pathology and for the evaluation the effectiveness of possible new therapeutic treatments.
  •     As part of these researches, he has developed the application of NMR techniques, using various NMR tools and creating radiofrequency hardware equipment (coils) and spectral processing and simulation software. He has also dealt with the effects of electromagnetic fields (such as ELF - extremely low frequency fields) on biological systems, in particular by analysis with NMR spectroscopy of biological extracts and fluids obtained from animals and cells exposed to such radiations;
  •     structural studies of polypeptides of medical interest using two-dimensional NMR techniques and studies of new methods based on gene therapies for the treatment of brain tumors using MRI techniques with the use of new paramagnetic contrast agents.


Metabolomic analysis on different biological systems, mainly by NMR techniques:

  •     in the biomedical field: effects of nutraceuticals on health, changes in the metabolic profile as a function of pathologies or the intake of nutraceuticals;
  •     in the agri-food field: metabolomic analysis on various agri-food products and the impact of factors such as geographical origin and supply chain processes on their metabolic profile.

More than forty publications in scientific journals, numerous conference presentations, reviewer for various scientific journals, member of the Foods Editorial Board, has also held several lectures and seminars in master's courses or national specialization schools and international.


Technical skills

  • NMR instruments: Bruker WH 90, Bruker Minispec P20, Varian XL 300, Bruker AM-500, SMIS IVS 47/30, Varian NMR 500, Bruker Avance 400 and 700, JEOL 600;
  • Computer: basic European ECDL license, knowledge of various operating systems (Digital VMS, Unix, DOS, Windows, Linux); qualified experience of applications on personal computers under Windows environment and of network systems, as well as in hardware and software management of personal computers.
  • production and editing of websites: Drupal, wiki and HTML. Webmaster of the institutional site of the CIABC research center, implementer and webmaster of the institutional site of the European project Res Urbis, editor of the institutional site of the Department of Chemistry.
  • scientific software: Unscrambler, Sigmaplot, Matlab, spectroscopy management packages (ACD / Lab, Topspin, MestreC, Delta), several SW packages for different applications (statistics, image management and processing, etc.).
  • Very good English written and spoken.
  • Experienced in writing scientific articles in English.